Day Four Hundred and Seventy Five - Miss Amerindian 2010

Key feature of the August Games is the selection of Miss Amerindian for the year. No swim costume parade, but there is a traditional dress parade, speech in Wapishan, traditional song or performance, a difficult question to answer, and finally, the ball gowns!


  1. Beautiful shot. While the ladies are very pretty and photogenic, I am sure this was not an easy task. Even discounting the difficult lighting situation this is a technically great photo. When the lighting is taken into account, it is brilliant! But what makes this one of my absolute favourites is their expressions. Priceless!

  2. Thanks Nikhil... I wasn't sure if this would 'translate' but I was really pleased to have got the group before they settled down into a formal pose with carefully set faces! Interestingly, I had a remote flash set up at the front of the stage, but at this point I think the batteries had died and I had to rely on straight flash from the camera... Maybe there is just a little bit of light coming from the remote?