Day Four Hundred and Thirty Four - Bonny to the Rescue

Continuing the journey to the Deep South. The conditions are wet and muddy. It makes sense to travel with another vehicle to help each other out of bad patches. Not that Bonny needs much help! He knows these roads well and has an uncanny instinct for avoiding the deep holes.

Day Four Hundred and Thirty Three - Reflections on a Journey

We survived the night, got out of the mud after 4 hours, and made it to Lethem late afternoon. A long journey!

Day Four Hundred and Thirty Two - Stuck Up on the Big Bus

Stuck up in deep mud again - but this time I'm with a bus full of other passengers, and luckily there are a group of 'adventure tourists' who are very keen to help dig it out. So I can relax, sit at the side of the road, and take pictures for a change!

Day Four Hundred and Thirty - Jesuit Reflections

A palm tree is reflected in the floodwaters over a brick yard at the Jesuit Presbytery in Georgetown. A place of deep reflections!!!

Day Four Hundred and Twenty Nine - Georgetown Shutters

A quick visit to Georgetown at the end of my adventures in the bush! This quick photo is taken in the style of Georgetown Photographer - Nikhil Ramkarran - who is also working on a photo a day project this year. Check out his pictures at his website here