Day Four Hundred and Ninety Three - Fr Britt's Diamond Jubilee

A really difficult choice today. There was a nice photo of Fr Britt surrounded by young people, with every eye right on him, but it didn't quite get Britt himself into the picture enough. Then there was a good portrait of Britt looking straight into camera. And then the challenging group shot. Not a masterpiece, but a result, balancing a lot of people, different areas of light, and a couple of remote flashes! I really wanted to get Britt swamped by local people and children and I think the effect might be there!

In the end I went for the one which I think is probably technically the best!

1 comment:

  1. Technically best may not always be aesthetically best. Of the 4 I like the close shot with the children in the background the least. It looked too flat, no apparent depth.

    I liked the one of him looking into the camera the most, he has a bit of a naughty look, this that you've chosen would have been my second choice, mainly because his arm looks disembodied.

    The wide group shot is quite nice too, but its not a photo of him, he plays too small a part in that one (although it might be more expressive of his personality).