Day Four Hundred and Ninety Six - Playing the Square

Went up the lighthouse again, this time with Georgetown photographers Nikhil, Michael and Andre. Had a couple of shots from the lighthouse, but couldn't resist the one of this construction worker taking a break on the back of a pick-up, playing his variation on the triangle.


  1. Excellent Shot! You do really well with the "people" photographs :-) I guess I'm too shy about the whole thing

  2. I think I am a little like you in this, when faced with a good landscape/architecture/plant/people or what ever it may be and asked to pick one, I will go with the people photo every time. I was most irritated with myself that I didn't stop to take any photos of the construction workers too. That is why I didn't make the same mistake when we took that walk on Hadfield Street.

    Excellent shot, by the way :)

  3. The slightly bloodshot eyes, the wet cement spatters, the long nails and the ring- this is a really intriguing portrait. Great technical stuff too though- classic portraiture eye contact, the moving beater blur, a sense of permission given by the subject. Dignifying.