Day Four Hundred and Ninety Eight - Home Sweet Home

A few to pick from - but I couldn't resist the colour on this one. One of the alternatives (here) is almost the opposite - a natural black and white!


  1. It seems almost a shame to love a photograph of such poverty and squalor, but great photographs like this can hopefully bring attention to the plight of people living on the fine line of survival.

    If I have one criticism it is that the composition seems lacking a bit in dynamism, it might have looked interesting cropped square.

  2. Dunno, I rather like the way she is dwarfed in all that rusting iron- but by no means lost.

    Plight? I think this photo is about anything but plight. Poignant contrast between the vibrancy of the daughter and the withdrawn, shadowed mother though.

  3. I like it, especially the inclusion of the water in front the "house"