Day Four Hundred and Eighty Four - Marudi Mining Camp

With the cut lawns (to keep the snakes away) and the view of Bat Mountain in the distance, this could be some holiday camp in the wild outback... But once the rainy season is finished, it will be full of miners risking their lives in backbreaking work to find small pieces of gold.


  1. Going to picturesque destinations is no guarantee of great photos, so while some may look at this and thing they can take similar pictures in similarly exotic destinations, be warned by one who's tried: It ain't as easy as it looks.

    Great photo James.

  2. Thanks for the comment Nikhil - this was one of those no effort, no result kind of photos. By the time I made it to Marudi I was so tired I didn't have the energy to think about pictures at all! I had so many great images in my mind before I went, but I think it was more of an adventure than a photo expedition! One to remember though!