Day Three Hundred and Eighteen - Kingfisher

More of a snap than a photo, but I know where to find it now - hopefully!

Day Three Hundred and Seventeen - Afternoon Bathing

A fork-tail flycatcher - same bird that was doing the chasing in 'Airfight' a few days ago - has an afternoon dip. I'm guessing that it's cooling off, rather than catching insects or fish - but I'm not sure on this!

Day Three Hundred and Sixteen - Leaf

A repeat from last year - but this time it's in better focus - and different orientation I think...

Day Three Hundred and Fourteen - Horse Breaking

A wild horse being broken in by an experienced villager. An alternative picture, here on Picasa, had just a bit too much blur to be used, but showed the danger more clearly.

Day Three Hundred and Twelve - Iguana

A closer crop of the same picture shows the eye detail in great clarity here.

Day Three Hundred and Eleven - Turbulent Skies

We're getting rain almost every day now - which is strange, but welcome!

Day Three Hundred and Nine - Woodpecker

I think this is the Ringed Woodpecker.

Day Three Hundred and Eight - Village Fire Haze

An artistic view of the village - special effects provided by the heat from burning old Ite leaves taken from the roof of the sports stands.

Day Three Hundred and Seven - Main Road to Lethem

The main road, looking north towards Dadanawa, is very dry and sandy at the moment. It is a difficult and slow journey out of Aishalton. Some sections are being improved, and there is finding for further improvements, but it is a slow process made more difficult by sudden, heavy, unpredictable rainfalls.

Day Three Hundred and Six - Three on a Cow

The stylish (if not the fastest) way to travel!

Tough choice between two. The alternative version is here. I think that with the alternative, as I was shotting a bit into the sun, the shadows are too deep to give good colour balance, so whilst I like the concept and the framing, it doesn't quite make it!

Day Three Hundred and Four - Betty's Snackette

The famous snackette of Lethem, recently reopened, is the place to go for cool juice, cow heel soup, curry and roti, and big smiles!

Day Three Hundred and Three - Dadanawa Ranching

With the Lethem Rodeo fast approaching, cattle are being prepared at the Dadanawa ranch for the journey north.

Day Three Hundred and Two - Stormy Sunset

After a grey day a break in the clouds provides a bit of colour.

Day Three Hundred and One - Ant on Blossom

Choice of two today! Sarah preferred the black bee, here on Picasa, but I think I can do a better job of the bee another day, it leaves me wanting to see its face, but the ant is probably as good as it's going to get! Unless I find a big ant doing the same thing!!! This one was really quite small...

Day Two Hundred and Ninety Six - Aishalton Savannah

Yesterday I tried to take this picture, and got very wet! Today I had more luck - the dark clouds passed over without me getting a soaking! However, what I was really hoping for, was a rainbow... Maybe another day!

Day Two Hundred and Ninety Five - Cycling to School

Choice between two today. I think this one just wins due to the tiny face peering out from beneath the rain cover - might not be noticable on the small version (or on the blogger distorted version!). The runner up is in the Picasa album here.

Day Two Hundred and Ninety One - Savannah Rains

There are still drought conditions in the savannah areas, but the new moon brings some rain storms to ease worries a little.

Day Two Hundred and Ninety - Rainforest Trail

The old cattle trail through Guyana's rainforest is now widened so that it can take trucks and busses. But it is still a rough, muddy trail which can be difficult to follow in bad weather.

Day Two Hundred and Eighty Nine - Linden Highway

The road from Georgetown to the interior of Guyana starts off pretty smooth, but it's still too much for some vehicles.