Day Four Hundred and Five - Rupununi River View

Early morning view of the Rupununi River, from the Rupununi River! A great opportunity for me to spend some time on the river. Thanks to the guys at Dadanawa Ranch for this one!

Day Four Hundred and Two - Ox Cart in Floods

The ox cart might not be the fastest form of transport - but it keeps going through the floods and mud of the rainy season!

Day Four Hundred - View from the Takatu Bridge

The mountains are in Guyana, the riverside house (on the right) is in Brazil. And I'm right on the border!!!

Day Three Hundred and Ninety Eight - Georgetown Sunset from the Lighthouse

Not the best sunset, and not the best photo I've got from the Georgetown lighthouse, but it's the only one I got that day (apart from a quick Snap of Fr Chris SJ doing some birdwatching from the top of the lighthouse!), so it makes Photo of the Day for today!

Day Three Hundred and Ninety Six - The Pakaraima Mountains

I used a very technical special effect to get the combination of blur and sharpness in the foreground on this picture - fast shutter speed combined with fast jeep! An unexpected bonus...

Day Three Hundred and Ninety Four - Percy Shows The Way

Rainy season means driving conditions are becoming a bit more difficult.

Day Three Hundred and Ninety Three - Lady Rock

I've been meaning to take a photo of this rock for ages. Not sure I've got it right this time though. I wanted to stay a little later, but was getting eaten alive by the midges and mossies. One to come back to I think!

Day Three Hundred and Ninety One - Cashran Waterfall

Same location as the fishing photo from a few weeks ago. Different style though - bit of an experiment really, and I'm not sure I like it!

Day Three Hundred and Ninety - Spider Web

A rare morning - foggy damp in Aishalton. Only the second time this has happened since we have been here - the first time I took the picture at Old Lady Pond. This time I was distracted by millions of cobwebs everywhere holding the water from the mist. They must be there all the time, but only rarely do they become visable.

Day Three Hundred and Eighty Nine - Wedding Flowers

Wayne from Dadanawa ranch picking flowers for the first ever wedding to be held there!

Day Three Hundred and Eighty Six - Dadanawa Lady

An odd photo - terribly taken, but there is something strange about this picture...

Day Three Hundred and Eighty Two - Cycling Wave

OK, enough photos of people cycling through puddles with their daughter sat on the front of the bike! I got this one from the back of a moving jeep - loving the freedom that ISO800 is giving me for crisp snaps on the move! Time to move onto some more considered photos sometime soon though... But I seem to be surrounded by people cycling through puddles - and aren't those old bikes great!

Day Three Hundred and Eighty One - Father Amar gets stuck!

It happens to everyone here sooner or later. The track is sometimes a fine support of grass roots laid like a mat on top of a two foot layer of wet, sloppy, mud. If the vehicle breaks through the layer of firm grass, there is nothing to stop the wheels sinking down deep. If you are very lucky, local driver Percy is coming past and can pull you out!

Day Three Hundred and Eighty - Pontoon Crossing

An early evening crossing of the Rupununi at Dadanawa with the river high and running fast.

Once the jeep is on the pontoon it is pushed by one or two motor boats over the river. Today there was only one boat and the current was running fast. At full revs we were slowly losing ground and heading downstream. The only option was to head for the bank and one of the Dadanawa workers swim up river with a rope. After tying on to a tree we could then haul our way up the river to the small inlet where the jeep is unloaded.

The photo was taken before we crossed, as we are about to enter into the flow of the river.

Day Three Hundred and Seventy Nine - Vulture Moonrise

Good bright sunset light and an ISO of 800 means I managed to get the moon and the bird in focus (at about f/40).

Day Three Hundred and Seventy Eight - The End of the Pier

An old river pier in Linden, near Georgetown.