Day Four Hundred and Sixty Eight - Opening the Games

The August Games 2010 start in Aishalton with a traditional show involving local songs and dancers. Backstage preparations combine applying face paint with looking after children.

Day Four Hundred and Sixty Two - Eustace

I was playing with flash, trying to set up a little indoor studio for Amerindian Heritage month in September. Eustace Martin came round to give Sarah a woven basket. Eustace is Aishalton's major competitor in the traditional activities of the August Games. He will be representing Aishalton in activities such are fire starting, Ite Tree Climbing, speed weaving, rope making, and arrow making.

Day Four Hundred and Sixty One - Flower

It's been a busy week! Should be back to some more interesting photos next week when the Deep South Games start!

Day Four Hundred and Fifty Nine - Bedford in Mud

Stuck on the open savannah without a tree in sight to winch off. We passed this truck and stopped to help. After a lot of digging under the wheels of the jacked up Bedford we tied our hi-lux to another hi-lux and connected them to the Bedford winch to try and help it out. The Bedford did a great job of dragging the two jeeps backwards! Next we burried a big log in the sand (they called this 'a dead man', and the hole was a perfect shallow grave!) and winched from the Bedford, but the log dragged out. Finally another grave was dug, the log burried again, rocks put on top of it, planks on top of the log, and then a Hi-Lux was parked on the planks.

After 3 hours of jacking, digging and placing rocks the Bedford finally came out...

Day Four Hundred and Fifty Eight - Mr Parks, the mechanic

No trip to Lethem is complete without a visit to Parks, to get some vehicle work done!

Day Four Hundred and Fifty Six - Stagebuilding

I should have called this 'With a little help from my friends'! The cowboy hat was pulled down low, hiding most of the face. I was just framing and wondering whether I'd be able to fill the shadows with flash when suddenly a hand appeared and lifted off the hat! Nice to have a little bit of help sometimes!

Day Four Hundred and Fifty Four - Taking a break

Lots of hard work in the village, preparing for the Deep South Games, which this year will be held in Aishalton.

Day Four Hundred and Fifty Two - Ox Cart and Creek

Finally I manage to track down an ox cart crossing a creek in good light - with time to fill the shadows with some flash! Deeper water would have been the icing on the cake!

Day Four Hundred and Forty Eight - Letters Home

Father Britt-Compton, at 91 years old is still going stong in Aishalton. As is his typewriter!

Day Four Hundred and Forty Six - Cassava Processing

The cassava root vegetable contains cyanide and must be processed before it can be eaten. First it is peeled, then ground or grated. Then the mush is put into a woven 'sock' called a matapi. The matapi is hung up and pressure applied by someone sitting on a branch which passes through the bottom loop of the matepi. This squeezes all the water, and the cyanide, out of the cassava. It can then be shaped and fried in an enormous pan to make cassava bread or farine. Made well it's actually very good!

Day Four Hundred and Forty Five - Lightning and Stars

A background flash of lightning iluminates the gathering clouds below a clear stary night. We had about two weeks of heavy rain, washing away roads, paths and nearly our outside toilet!

Day Four Hundred and Forty Three - Ox Cart in Floods

Had to grab the camera quick for this one, and didn't have time to get hold of my flash which would have made a massive difference to the lighting on this one. Another missed opportunity!

Day Four Hundred and Forty Two - Village Butchers

A fresh delivery of beef is quickly sold at the new shop in Aishalton.

Day Four Hundred and Forty One - Out to Mass

When the priest travels to the village, everybody drops everything to go to the church!