Day Two Hundred and Sixty Six - Moonlit Slideshow

Fr Varghese, visiting a remote village, is showing a slideshow on his laptop. The people of the village are gathered for this unusual entertainment, sitting still in the moonlight, under the stars.

Day Two Hundred and Sixty Five - Eyes

Where nearly everyone has dark eyes and hair, this girl really stands out! Sadly, the photo doesn't really do justice - more of a snap and not well planned out. Not happy at all with this one!

Day Two Hundred and Sixty Four - Learning to Sew

For all 'Blue Peter' fans out there - here's one she made earlier!

Day Two Hundred and Sixty - Sister Lucy's Rounds

Like rural doctors, the sisters travel around the homes of the old and unwell, giving comfort and prayers. Here Sister Lucy is reading to an old blind lady, in the hammock, who can no longer leave her house.

Day Two Hundred and Fifty Eight - Clearing for Farming

The small family farms which provide most of the basic foodstuffs (such as cassava and rice)for the people of Aishalton are out on the edge of the forests. The farm areas are rotated regularly to allow trees to grow back and the soil to recover. Clearing a new farm is hard work, cutting down trees, letting them dry enough to burn the leaves and small branches where they fell, then a couple of months later cutting the trunks into liftable sections which can be stacked and burnt.

Day Two Hundred and Fifty Seven - Spinning Cotton

All women over a certain age here are called 'Granny'. This granny is well past that certain age and is actually a great-grandmother. At first she appears weak, but I often see her swinging a big axe, chopping firewood. Here she is spinning cotton to make a traditional Wapichan hammock. She is sitting in another hammock she made earlier.

Day Two Hundred and Fifty Six - Doorway

Couldn't think of a good title for this post - but as for the picture - I think it's the foot that makes it! Maybe I should have called it 'footloose'?

Day Two Hundred and Fifty Five - Firewood

Douglas helps Sister Calista unload firewood from the old Land Rover.

Day Two Hundred and Fifty Three - Sunrise moonrise

The moon was about half an hour ahead of the sun, straight above it in the sky. They will almost be near enough to eclipse tomorrow morning - which in practice means I won't be able to see anything other than a normal sunrise!

Day Two Hundred and Fifty - Amerindian Child

There are two options on this one. The other one is here. This one shows the hands and mouth - chewing a small piece of wooden necklace.

Day Two Hundred and Forty Eight - Pan Washing

On the road - the creeks provide shade, water, fish, and sand for pan scouring!

Day Two Hundred and Forty Seven - Feathers

There's some wonderful crisp detail in the feathers here - though I'm not sure it will make it through the blogger fuzzy mask!

Day Two Hundred and Forty Five - Spider Jewels

I think that these are spider eggs, laid on a stem of thick web, hanging from a piece of wood. Another day of rain left these eggs with a coating of fine water. With a shaft of sunlight falling on them they look like jewels - better than diamonds!

Day Two Hundred and Forty Four - Heavy Sky

The full moon is bringing much needed rains. Just in time for the end of the sports we had a day full of rain to top up the empty wells.

Day Two Hundred and Forty Three - Victory and Defeat

For every winner, there has to be at least one loser! Last sports picture for a while. Some more pictures of the events are available on the Picasa album, but not too many - I tried to have a day off and enjoy the action for myself today!

Day Two Hundred and Forty Two - Grandstand View

What better place could there be to watch the first day of the sports action at the regional schools finals? A good view, shade, and a cool breeze!

Day Two Hundred and Forty - Creek Shades

No real focus to this one, just a study of different shades and colours.

Day Two Hundred and Thirty Nine - Carrying Meat

Beef supplies arriving for the atheletes who are staying over to train for the regional school sports competition.

Day Two Hundred and Thirty Eight - Haircut

A quick haircut in the cool of the stands at the sports ground.

Day Two Hundred and Thirty Seven - Jacinta and her Fish Bag

Jacinta is one of the young swimmers I've been training for the regional competition. Here she is with her fish bag - a crotcheted handbag in the shape of a fish, not a bag to put fish in!

PS - Jacinta won her swimming race by a quarter of a length!