Day Four Hundred and Eighty Seven - Great Balls of Fire

A variation on lightning and stars. This time we have lightning, stars, moon, and also the light from a small cooking fire lighting up the lower branches of the tree in the foreground. I took a few versions of this, in portrait layout, showing more of the foreground, but I think this frames the lightning better. The alternatives are here in the runner up folder on Picasa (and I've also uploaded a few older ones too!).


  1. I know you love your pngs but this is so huge that it will not load at all. Blogger just shrugs and gives up. Have mercy on your poor non-British followers and load a jpeg!
    (SUCH a gorgeous pic- it lets me view a tiny version if I click on the X...)

  2. Alright I give up. Can you please teach me to take pictures? I don't think I can call myself a photographer anymore. I'd be willing to go by "grasshopper" for a while if you want :) Excellent photo.

  3. OK. I'm with Nik on this one for sure, call me grasshopper number 2, I really want to know how to do this!!!!