Day Four Hundred and Eighty Eight - AHM Portrait - Celine

For Amerindian Heritage Month I set up a makeshift photo studio in the half-built new community centre in Aishalton. The plan was to take portraits of Aishalton villagers wearing their traditional dress. The first person to come was Celine, along with her husband Kid and their two children Konainmo and Aichauzo. She didn't come for her picture - she just came to watch whilst I photographed Kid and the kids. After I'd taken those pictures I asked Celine if she'd step in front of the camera. She looked a bit shy, looked down, and then looked up with a beautiful smile. Perfect!

For the first two weeks of next month I will be unable to load daily photos - so the blog will run an intermission showing my AHM portraits.

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  1. Love the Portrait :-) I look forward to the rest :-)