Day Three Hundred and Seventy Six - Georgetown Anglican Cathedral

An alternative view of the worlds tallest wooden building.

Day Three Hundred and Seventy Five - Rainforest Trail

Another trusty old Bedford truck, still working the rainforest trail.

Day Three Hundred and Seventy Four - Wet Road

Damp patches on the Georgetown road near Lethem.

Day Three Hundred and Seventy Three - 4x4 fun

Could be the best way to travel on the rough trails during rainy season!

Day Three Hundred and Seventy - Late Sunset

I was a little late for this one! It was a wonderful sunset, but I just missed it! Next time....!

Day Three Hundred and Sixty Six - Opening Burning Hills Shop

The new improved Burning Hills Shop in Aishalton is officially opened!

Day Three Hundred and Sixty Four - Rounding Horses

Another day without getting out! Been out and about so much lately it's nice to have a couple of days off!

Day Three Hundred and Sixty Three - Rainy Aishalton

Nothing too picturesque today - I didn't get out much!!!

Day Three Hundred and Sixty Two - Lightning

Heavy rains coming every day now...

Day Three Hundred and Sixty - Stormy South Rupununi

Back to the same hill to try and find my filter (medium grad grey density if interested! - Reward for finder!!!), but no luck. Either it's in long grass, or some small creature has carried it off to make an interesting extension to their burrow! Still, didn't lose anything on this trip (just got very, very wet!). I thought the clouds were going past, until they all came upon me!

Day Three Hundred and Fifty Nine - From Savannah to Mountains

Climbed a local hill for a bit of a vista today. Was expecting a good sunset, but it dodn't come. On my way back down I dropped a filter, but didn't notice 'till I got to the bottom! Bah!

Day Three Hundred and Fifty Eight - Vultures

A dead young cow was found in the village early in the morning. The villagers dragged it out to the edge of the bush so and left it for the vultures. After a day of frenzied eating there wasn't much left. A few alternative pictures are loaded as runner up photos in the Picasa album here.

Day Three Hundred and Fifty Four - Stuck Up

The rainy season has only just started but already the tracks are becoming difficult to drive as the water level rises. Here a 4x4 tractor is well stuck in the mud. It took the Dadanawa team 5 hours to get it out of this hole, through a combination of digging, jacking, towing and feeding branches under the wheels. More photos of this are in the runner up album here.

Day Three Hundred and Fifty One - Mountain Panorama

A damp view from from the Lethem to Aishalton Road, north of the Dadanawa crossing. The mountain in view is the small peak in front of Shiriri Mountain, which is hidden in cloud.

Day Three Hundred and Fifty - Ibis

I chased this all over the savannah until it got bored of me and flew up a tree!

Day Three Hundred and Forty Nine - Sunrise over the Kanuku Mountains

Got an early start riding South on my bike. Stopped to climb a water tower for this! If I lived near that tower I'd sleep on top of it every night, just for sunset and sunrise! (and it would be a pretty cool place to sleep!)