Day Three Hundred and Forty Four - Dadanawa Gate

The infamous Dadanawa gate. A large puddle awaiting all unwary travellers. In the rainy season the puddle becomes a pond, then a lake, then a river, then an inland sea!

Day Three Hundred and Thirty Eight - Georgetown Floods

OK I'll admit I was a bit slow on this, and this is well after the floods! I missed the cars swimming in the streets. I'll never make a news photographer if I can't get out of bed!

Day Three Hundred and Thirty Seven - Stormy Skies

At atmospheric shot in Georgetown. During the night, and the next day, there was heavy rain and plenty of flooding!

Day Three Hundred and Thirty Six - Fr Bob Barrow

Waiting for the start of the funeral of Fr Harold Wong, an old Guyanese Jeusuit who died on Easter Friday. Fr Bob was friends with Harold for over 50 years.

Day Three Hundred and Thirty Five - Truck Driver on Ferry

The Wages of Fear?

This driver has just finished a seriously impressive manouver involving reversing a truck with trailer from a steep muddy river bank up a set of planks onto a pretty small ferry. Didn't really look so impressive in the photo though.

Day Three Hundred and Thirty Two - Amerindian House at Moco Moco

Back to Guyanan, and back to traditional thatch housing, close to Lethem.

Day Three Hundred and Thirty - Church in Boa Vista

One of the oldest buildings in a new town built of concrete...

Day Three Hundred and Twenty Nine - Rio Branco River, Boa Vista, Brazil

A quick trip over the border, into Brazil, to see the bright lights and air-conditioned supermarkets of the city!

Day Three Hundred and Twenty Eight - Iguana

Another Iguana shot - this time it wasn't so happy for me to get close, so it's a full iguana picture instead (full of mango!)...

Day Three Hundred and Twenty Seven - Kite Flying

Today is a national kite flying day for Guyana. I think it's a bit more popular on the coast, and probably the sea wall, but here in Lethem there were a few kids out with their homemade kites.

Day Three Hundred and Twenty Six - Rodeo Montage

Difficult to choose just one picture to show the Lethem Rodeo... So here is a Photoshop special of four images. The rider is from Dadanawa Ranch, and she looks to be having a great time!

Day Three Hundred and Twenty Five - Wild Bull

This bull is being driven into the stalls, ready to be mounted and riden for as long as possible in the rodeo. For all the action pictures over the two days, follow this link to my Picasa album or go to

Day Three Hundred and Twenty Four - Horses ready for Rodeo

It's rodeo weekend in Lethem. These horses will be used for bareback riding - saddled and unsaddled.

Day Three Hundred and Twenty Two - Moonlit Rock Carvings

An experiment to be repeated! Sadly the carvings aren't quite so clear at the moment, and I need to get a better camera position - closer and higher with a wider lens. To achieve that I'm going to have to borrow a truck and put the camera on the roof, on a tripod - very Ansel Adams! Still, it was nice to sit out there for a couple of hours and watch the moon rise - which is what gives the light sky to the right of the picture.

And here is what it would look like if Picasa was any good!!!

Day Three Hundred and Twenty One - Kiskadee

I think this is the third Kiskadee to appear on the blog - the first was on day 30 - but there is something else about this picture. It's actually a dull day with grey clouds. Almost British, other than the heat!