Day Two Hundred and Thirty Six - Midday Sun

In the heat of the day, three children are walking home, hiding from the heat. A three-girl parasol. Ford Prefect would approve.

Day Two Hundred and Thirty Five - Storm Clouds

We've been a long time without rain. The well is running dry. We can see rain in the distance, but it seems to pass us by. For the groundwater round the well to rise we have to have rain right here!

Day Two Hundred and Thirty Four - Mango Tree

Well, if you want to see what a mango tree looks like, here is one! Other than that, there's not much to say! Not a very productive day for me...

Day Two Hundred and Thirty Three - Lap of Honour

A spontaneous lap of honour from some of the Aishalton schools sports team following their victory at the Deep South inter-school sports competition.

Day Two Hundred and Thirty Two - Flying Finish

The Aishalton Atheletes competing in the Deep South Schools Competition. Here Aishalton are winning the 100m open age group sprint.

Day Two Hundred and Thirty One - Country Road

The dry tracks through the savannah are turning to sand and dust. In contrast, the creeks still supply patches of trees with enough water to keep them green. The runner up today was taken earlier in the day, a few hundred yards from this one.

Day Two Hundred and Thirty - Mother and Young

Well, I assume it's a mother, and I'm assuming that those are eggs at the top of the nest, but I'm not really sure on this!

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Nine - Creek Bathing

I'm spending a lot of time wandering alongside the local creeks at the moment! The light here is difficult to catch, and at somepoint I will take some time to get it right.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Eight - Spider

Another day at the side of the creek. I spotted this spider on it's web with the water behind it. The spider looks as though it is in a shell like hard body, but as far as I could see, getting quite close, the shape and pattern is just made from a very fine fur.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Seven - Kingfisher

Now I've seen it once, I'll have to go searching more alongside the creek to get a good picture of this bird fishing! Could take some time...

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Six - Dry Grass

Here's one that's escaped the savannah fires which drift along in small patches every day.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Four - Ant Hole

I suspect that the ants are worshiping the moon, building little sculptures and textured drawings by sorting out all the fine sand from the hard bits of grit. Some ant tribes build crescents; this one has gone for the full moon.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Three - Walking home from school

We've had a few days of sudden showers now... Nobody minds the chance to cool off a little and feel some clear water running through the hair!

Day Two Hundred and Twenty One - Masticated

For those who also read Sarah's blog, this picture requires no explanation. For those who don't: what are you waiting for? How can you have your pudding if you haven't finished your meat? Here's a link...

Day Two Hundred and Twenty - Autumn Leaves

Missing the colours of Autumn - I'm drawn to the old leaves under the surface of this creek. I'm not sure if I should have avoided the sky reflection on the water or whether the contrast adds to the picture, keeping some sort of third dimension in there...

Day Two Hundred and Eighteen - Sepia Girl

Really not up to standard, but it was the only photo I took that day. Shot into the light, on purpose, just for fun, as the sun was setting. Not a great result!

Day Two Hundred and Seventeen - Insect

I have no idea what this is! It was quite large, and quite strange!

Day Two Hundred and Sixteen - Dadanawa Stove

Dadanawa Ranch is an interesting place, full of history. This old stove in the big kitchen is a good representation of the whole ranch. Solid, large and purposeful it is now slowly rusting away and isn't really being used anymore.

Day Two Hundred and Fifteen - High Jump

Couldn't decide between four different pictures today. Two high jump, and two long jump. The alternatives are in a new folder on Picasa - Aishalton School Sports Please comment to help me choose!

Day Two Hundred and Fourteen - Rainstorm Relay

After a full day of bright sunshine and some fantastic running (all barefoot) in the school selection 'track' day, a sudden storm hit during the relay race. I got soaked, but it was well worth it to see this dramatic finsih to the race, and to the day.

Day Two Hundred and Thirteen - Swimming Gala

The local schools are holding selection races for a regional inter-school sports event in a couple of weeks. The swimming races showcased some interesting styles - but it was a fun day for all...

Day Two Hundred and Twelve - Cassava Dance

This dance celebrates the process of making cassava, which is a long, tiring process. Part of the actual process was shown on Day 203. Here, the dance has moved on past the peeling, past the grating, past the squeezing in special woven tubes, past the drying, past the frying, and (I think) onto the eating!

Day Two Hundred and Eleven - Sunset

I couldn't resist another addition to the sunset collection!

Day Two Hundred and Ten - Moon at Sunset

The moon is starting to feature regularly now (in life, and on the blog). For a change, a wider angle; the moon in the evening sky.

Day Two Hundred and Nine - A boy's best friend

I think it was an early desire of mine to have a parrot as a pet. This parrot is clearly the pet of Raul, pictured here. The only problem is that the parrot listens to Raul being called, and scolded, by his mother all day. So most of the time the parrot just calls 'Raul, Raul, Raaaaaul!' and then sometimes, in that despairing voice which only mothers (and parrots) can do 'Rauuuuuuuul!'. Despite this, Raul still loves his pet parrot.

Day Two Hundred and Eight - Dragonfly

Very similar to a picture I posted about two months ago, but the exposure is slightly better on this one. Sadly, the depth of field isn't quite there. I'd prefer full clarity along the length of the wings. Maybe it will be third time lucky!

Day Two Hundred and Seven - Tree Play

It really seems to be the season for children to head up the nearest tree when they have some spare time. Maybe its cooler up there, but I'm sure the ants must be a problem.

Day Two Hundred and Six - Roof Building

A new building with an ite leaf roof being built in a local village.