Day Two Hundred and Eighty Eight - Flying Out

After taking the road through the rainforest a few more times than planned this year, we decided to go for the luxury option and fly to G'town from Lethem. I was hoping for some spectacular views of the forest, but it was a dull day. The sunlight breaking through cloud gave a nice island of colour in the sea of trees for this shot.

Day Two Hundred and Eighty Seven - Confirmation

My last day in the interior I took photos of the Catholic Confirmation candidates in a small village near Dadanawa Ranch. The candidates had been waiting a full year for a visit from the Bishop to be confirmed. A big occasion for them, they have had dresses and suits made and added trimmings from Brazil.

Day Two Hundred and Eighty Six - Cheeky Macaw

At Dadanawa Ranch a macaw is stealing food from the cooking pot which is outside over an open fire.

Day Two Hundred and Eighty Two - Heading Home for Christmas

The miners working around Aishalton are starting to make their way home, either to Brazil or to Georgetown, in time for Christmas. Maybe there are some nuggets of gold in those pockets!

Day Two Hundred and Eighty One - Big Eyes

The eyes are good, it's pin sharp in focus, but I think it's the graze on the chin that provides the finishing touch!

Day Two Hundred and Eighty - Road to Maruranau

It seems I never get around to stopping and taking a picture of the general countryside around here. I was concentrating on the flowering trees to the left of the picture, but the sun just wouldn't shine on them, and I had a few passengers wondering what on earth I was doing - taking a photo with no people in it!

Day Two Hundred and Seventy Eight - Mango Picking

Atmospheric, but fuzzy... It's been a day of slim pickings on the photo front, rich pickings on the mango front!

Day Two Hundred and Seventy Six - Waiting for Rain

The ground is getting very dry. Savannah fires are taking away the long grass. Everyone is waiting for rain.

Day Two Hundred and Seventy Five - Poster Girl

Today I was helping out at a World Aids Day event organised by the Peace Corps Volunteers in Aishalton. We were looking for a model for an Aids poster. Not sure if this one will make it, but I think it fits in photo of the day quite well!

Day Two Hundred and Seventy Two - Woman and Child (and cracker!)

Different league from yesterday - back to snapshots!

Day Two Hundred and Seventy One - Handbuilt

Dirty work, but a real community effort. A church in the small village of Katoonarib is being refurbished. I'm actually pretty happy with this picture: the stripe of focus running down the wall shows a depth of field of about 1 inch, but the details of the face are all crisp; exposure is bang on; framing is OK I think... Any thoughts?

Day Two Hundred and Seventy - Taxi to School

Maybe I should have waited for 'Taxi from School' and I might have got a smile from both of them!

If I could have got today's subject under yesterday's tree, then it might have been a winner... Next time!

Day Two Hundred and Sixty Nine - Empty View

Nothing really of special interest or merit in this view, I just felt that it was a lot different to the batch of portraits that have been on the blog lately. So, a little greenery for a change!

Day Two Hundred and Sixty Eight - Building

A new community building is nearly finished. The floor is concrete, the roof is Ite. The children are still curious!