Day One Hundred and Twenty Three - Wet School Morning

It's nearly the end of the last week of term. This young boy, weary on his way to school, reminded me of an old man, trudging through the puddles.


  1. James
    I love your blog, your pics are really amazing!
    Terrence the RAM pilot is my brother and I have been to the Rupanuni myself. Its an amazing place!
    Thanks for sharing life there!

  2. Don't they worry about getting horrid bugs in their feet? Or are locals immune to such nasties?

  3. Like the stance of the lad, hand in pocket, awkward point of balance etc. Win

  4. Hi Marvin - Good to hear from you. Your brother is doing a great job here - making the place even better! Glad you're enjoying the pictures and they're reminding you of your visits.