Day One Hundred and Fifteen - Walking the Coals

It's a yearly tradition to have a 'walking the coals' patry. Early evening a large fire is lit and left to burn whilst everyone has a few drinks, eats and watches some performances. At midnight the coals are spread out and there is a ten minute window where people are encouraged to walk barefoot over them. Strangely, whilst this is linked to a saint's day, there seems to be no religious significance. The practice was brought from Brazil quite recently, and there is no mention of faith being involved in not getting burnt.

I nearly got a great shot - here as runner up - which gives a great angle and captures a level of pain and determination not to run at the end. Sadly, I just let the leading foot creap out of the frame. On a wide lens I thought I'd got it, but was just a split second too late! It's probably a better picture than the one posted, but it annoys me! This is the one that got away!

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  1. Hi B, Well I seewhat you mean but in my mind the spontaneous pic is more thanmade up for by th e"Snow" an the texture on the coals... Grat pic .Win