Day One Hundred and Twelve - Guyana Foreign Affairs Minister

Aishalton had a visit today from a Government Team who have developed a low carbon development strategy. The strategy is an attempt to claim some compensation from developed, high carbon emmision countries so that Guyana can manage the rainforest as a world resource and ensure that forest is not lost to logging, mining and other development activities. It's an impressive brief, and there has been much interest, most notably from Norway who are in discussions with the President and foreign affairs minister - Carolyn Rodrigues.

The Amerindian communities are not so sure. They see the need to preserve the forests, but are fearful of changes to their way of life and are cautious to sign up to something they don't fully understand. Today was the start of 3 months of consultation in the outlying regions.

More info, and the speech made by President Jagdao at the launch of the strategy can be found here.

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  1. Looks likeshewould give a convincing speach. Win