Day One Hundred and Twenty One - Cycling to School

A primary school teacher (wearing a red scarf to indicate she has not yet fully qualified as a teacher) cycles to school as two secondary school pupils watch.


  1. Hi B. Initially I was drawn to the scarf. Thanks for the explanation therefore. Then I noticed the incredible contrast in focus between 1) tyre - blured 2) Wheel rim picking up water , dynamic 3) Dark watrer behind with raindrop circles, sharp in the wake! this combined with the expression on her face makes this one of the best human subject pics for me. Love Win x

  2. I have misjudged this one ... it is better than that the bottom right corner of "land" enables us to possition the scene but the two student figures with umbrella are priceless. I am going to have to go through the whole blog (again) and pic my top 3 sometime