Day One Hundred and Forty One - Ite Roof Moth

A super-size moth, resting on the inside of an ite leaf thatch roof.


  1. The clarity in this is stunning. Very well done beautiful shot!

    Fab 2

  2. Oh my god it's incredible. I have had to make a trip in the car to get the camera as I saw a Marbled Beauty (wing length 8mm) on the wall of the Laundrette in Mytholmroyd! what is the wing span (approx) of this one? (Whatever it is) will try and look him up! Wowser!

  3. The Black Witch Ascalapha odorata
    Also it is a male of the species, the females have a white/pink band beyond the postmedial lines on both forewing and hindwing.

  4. I recognise this beastie! A crew member on my dad's ship about 25 years ago caught one of these in Maracaibo - not too far away, so guessing it could be the same species - remember the gorgeous blue commas! Still in a case at home somewhere.