Day One Hundred and Fifty Five - Autumn Tree Cloud

About a week ago all the leaves suddenly fell from this tree and I wondered if it had died, perhaps choked by bindweed or the creeper that has invaded it (see previous photo of the day). A couple of days ago the tree's short winter was over. Small bright green leaves are bursting out at a rate I can hardly believe.

I really struggled on today's choice - Sarah much prefered the picture I've put in the runner up folder. But there's something about the tree I like! The alternative is (as usual) here.


  1. Wow. What I would give for some nice dramatic sky! :) Lovely shot

  2. Amazing pic. Graduations of contrast and interest from top to bottom. Great composition and then I spotted a person under the tree (Only on 3rd visit) but I think that made it a top 5 of the blog so far! Win ;-)

  3. Wonderful symmetry of shapes. Wonder why that tree lost its leaves and the others didn't? Gorgeous.