One Hundred and Fifty - Tree in Savannah

Just a normal tree, in a normal bit of savannah, but for some reason I liked the look of it, and the evening light on it.


  1. Why does the tree not have many leaves? Is it because of the rainy season?
    The light on the bark is great.

  2. Hi Peter

    S'funny you say that - I have absolutely no idea what season the trees think it is, and it appears that they don't have much of a clue either. Coming up in a few days is a tree that suddenly decided to shed its leaves and then a few days later regretted the decision and pushed out some new, fresh, bright green ones. It's rather like the arrival of the English summer, when you put away all your heavy fleeces and coats only to pull them all out in frustration a couple of days later when the wind swings round!

    Only theory I have is that some of the trees sit with their roots in water when the floods come, so they drop leaves then. As the water drops they burst back to life? Maybe?

  3. Trees are wonderfully mysterious things arn't they? This one is the Giraffe tree obviously. Win