Day One Hundred and Fifty Seven - Rainforest Moonrise

A great moonrise - after an afternoon with a little rain, the early evening sky cleared so I cycled out to the hill overlooking the forest (see Day 132) to wait for the sun to drop and the full moon to rise. There was a little mist over the forest, spreading the last of the sunshine a little, and the moon shot up into a dark sky. Without the midges brought out by the damp it would have been a perfect evening!


  1. This is a magical pic and a true delight to see after spending nearly an hour stuck on the motorway at 11pm on way home from work in M/cr tonight. Our lives are running so differently at present arn't they? It reminds me of the generations of white trees of Gondor. I am not normally a massive fan of the lanscape stuff but maybe... just maybe this is No 1 on the blog so far (Yes above the insects pics) love you both Win x

  2. Right, I have come back to this again. Sober! I think it is my favourite pic on the blog so far... ther, its official. Win