Day One Hundred and Sixty Six - Firefly

I've been planning to go out chasing fireflies for a while. The only problem is that they come out at the same time as the mosquitos. So when one flew into our house it was a perfect opportunity to get a photo of the day, without going out!


  1. Thats incredible! Very Very well done! Just wow!

  2. Yes, quite incredible.I have only seen a firefly once many years ago. can youtell us more about how you captured this image? Win

  3. Trade secret? Actually, the firefly wasn't well, it flew into the house to die I think. I put it on a clear photo filter and photographed it from below. It was generating light occasionally, and I used flash to light the body. The white spots are dust on the photo filter showing up in the flash. They are out of focus, as DofF is very short. I could clean them out (in photoshop) but I like the 'stars' effect they give. Of course, there's no way they could be real stars - that would be an incredible DofF!