Day One Hundred and Three - Crossing the Floods

The rains have only just started, and people say that the water levels are still low, but for now the roads are flooded and the creeks are full. Again, there is an alternative version of this one.


  1. These 4 travellers form a good group. Whatsgoing on with those bikeframes, The circle within the triangle? looks strong. Win

  2. It's amazing how easily seems to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.
    Personally I prefer the alternative, but it's a great shot nonetheless.

  3. These are pretty much the only style of bikes available here. They are brought from Brazil and cost a relative fortune! They have mechanical brakes with no wires - all steel rods - and they weigh a ton. The circle is there to make the frame stronger (I think) so that things can be carried on the crossbar - often people, but I've also seen full gas bottles carried. Most people build a small wooden shelf on this bit of the bike to help carry small loads!