Day Ninety Four - House Moth

First thing in the morning this moth flew into our house and sat up in the roof. By mid afternoon I was wondering how I was going to go about catching and photographing it, when it flew down and landed on the door, right next to me. It then happily sat and posed whilst I took a few pics, all using a powerful flash. Easy day!

Later, I finally got that moon shot!


  1. Thanks James - Might have to do a quick swap with the earlier one which I wasn't happy with!

  2. This is more like it. I am trying to find out what this is. approx size James? It has a resemblance to a couple of UK species I am familiar with which is interesting. I have put the pic up on the Calderdale moths blog, see what people think. Win

  3. Hi Win, This was about 4 inch wide at the wingtips. It should be lifesize on your monitor (roughly!)...