Day One Hundred and Five - Wash Day

Heavy rains again today, but then the sun broke through mid afternoon to light up this washing which had been left out in the rain.


  1. Something slightly wrong here. Potentially a great shot but the diagonal washing cutting through the buildings roof in that way for me spoils the composition. Sorry, maybe I am been too critical tonight. Don't get me wrong... It has been an iteresting an illuminating journey as ever,,, thankyou, keep posting. Win x

  2. Hooray! Always happy to get critisism - and I have to agree. I walked past this house twice and the residents were at home looking out of the window (the house just out of shot to the right). I'd spotted the picture, but felt too self-consious to stop and frame it. So, I shot it 'from the hip' without framing it. I think if I'd taken more time I'd have managed to cut out the edge of the house to the right and change the point of view so that the washing cleared the ite roof. Would that have been enough? Maybe I should aim to get back and re-take this one another time...