Day One Hundred and Four - Backyard Chicken

OK - Maybe not the dramatic wildlife action I was hoping to be photographing in Guyana, but it's been a busy week, and this chicken was sat right on the doorstep! Choice of two again!


  1. I think I prefer the alternative, shame about the green and white object to the right in the mid distance. are you allowing yourself to photoshop out such things? great pattern on these hens, the sort of b&w fleck on the brown.

  2. Winston! That's my shower! You can't photoshop out my shower! I think I went for the 1st one because the alternative is a bit too busy in the background generally - I think even with the shower photoshopped out it would still be a bit too busy? As for allowing it, well, if it was a bad day (only one picture taken!) and it made a big difference, and didn't really change the reality of the picture, then yes, but I much prefer the pictures where they just need to be balanced, sharpened and brought down to 1024 pixels! (p.s. I use RAW files, so white balance, saturation and sharpening are all applied on computer rather than in camera)