Day Five Hundred and Twenty Two - Kaiteur Falls at Night

Continuing the search for an alternative view of Kaiteur, I spent a few hours in the dark at Johnson's View with the camera on a tripod, my 50mm lens set wide open, and my D700 taking long exposures waiting for lightning.

After a while some lightning crept up behind me - so I had the fear of being eaten by a jaguar replaced by the fear of being hit by lightning! Then it started raining so I quit for the night!


  1. It is almost inevitable that you will have difficulty finding a unique composition in such a viewed a photographed spot. Having said that, although I have seen many photos from this spot, this one stands head and shoulders above most. The fact that it was taken at night gives it an ethereal quality full of mystery and implied drama that is very engaging. I can look at this one for a long time and not get bored.

  2. Beautiful shot James, I love Johnson's view, I regret not getting to go there more than that once. As a night shot, this is impressive! beautiful!!!