Day Five Hundred and Twenty One - Hawk at Kaiteur

I really wanted to get some different pictures of Kaiteur. It must be the most photographed site in Guyana. It is the largest single drop waterfall in the world but still wonderfully unspoilt and photogenic. A really great place to spend a few days. I was lucky to get this hawk flying in front of the waterfall. I'd spotted it flying around and was hoping that it would drop down in front of the falls, but I was also suffering from equipment problems - another Nikon Lens has died on me with an autofocus failure on my 70-300mm zoom. Still, I just managed to get this in focus in time!


  1. I'll just leave this one with a "wow"!

  2. Spectacular! this is a superb shot!
    I like that you used the word "largest single drop waterfall", we've always made the mistake of calling it the tallest when it is actually not the tallest :-)