Day Thirty Seven - Victoria and The High Court

As the sun was getting low I hopped over the fence into the grounds of the High Court. Seems like a safe place to photograph to me!

The statue of Victoria suffered a little when, after independence, someone tried to blow it up with dynamite. It was then stored in the court's backyard before being shipped to the UK for repairs.


  1. In the full screen view of this the statue seems superimposed via photoshop! Is the wooden archetecture a feature there, this looks like a massive wooden building

  2. I think the difference in colour tones between the statue and the wood, the distance and lack of any mid-distance objects, and the depth of field (focussed to be sharp on the statue, and maybe not quite 100% sharp on the building) all add to superimposed look. There is also the fact that I sharpened it in photoshop, which generally creates a border on a line to emphasise it... I'd be interested to hear thoughts on whether I've oversharpened it...

    Anyway - the photoshop tinkering was restrained to putting a join in the picture which can be spotted a third in from the left - the cloud isn't a perfect stitch, and the building looks to be suffering a little from subsidence! The red roof catching the sunshine also varies in tone a little... It was a little bit of a struggle!

    I think this is the largest wooden building in Georgetown. There are still a lot of wooden buildings - but the new replacements are all concrete. There is a larger old hospital in Berbice, but we only saw it from a distance. It's now a ruin - but looks really interesting.