Day Forty Four - Land Rover

A much more reliable vehicle!

Meanwhile - I've been making a few changes to the blog. The pictures should now be displaying a bit larger - though not at the full 1024 pixels I've been uploading them at. So, the view on the main blog page should be better, but there is (currently) no option to click and enlarge them to 1024 (which should fill most screens)...

Let me know what you think! Better or worse? Any other improvements I could make?


  1. I prefer the bigger size. I've got a fairly large screen anyway, but at the new size it is easier to appreciate more of the detail in your wonderful photographs.

  2. Hi James - Thanks for the nice comment. I think I've sorted it so that clicking on the image brings it up at 1024 pixel width - so that should fill most screens... Only problem is I seem to have lost the followers tool! Must stop playing with Htlm and go take some pics now! Missed a stunning moon-set this morning (it was 6am!)

  3. I like the bigger pictures it gives a deeper depth of detail. I think when your time is done there between your pictures and Sarah's writing, I see a book coming out!!!!! Take care B