Day Forty One - Breakdown

Welcome to the South Rupununi!

The tracks are either sand - a smooth ride, and good in the dry - or sand with a bit of gravel on top - very bumpy, as the gravel sets into rumble strips which rattle everything to pieces, but better in the wet season. Then there is the direct route, over the savannah, which could be smooth and dry, rutted and dry, or boggy and interesting going!

It's hot, hot, and hard work for a vehicle!


  1. Steamy going! I dont think that my Skoda would cope with this as it couldnt get up Mayroyd lane (gentle slope from stonmasons yard to main rd)recently. Happy travelling, Win

  2. 'Its hot,hot,& hard work for a vehicle' -I like B 's style of wording/picturing! XM advises Mr. Vehicle travels with Ms. Ice.