Day Forty Nine - Aishalton church at Full Moon

Sorry there've been no comments on the last few pictures - some internet and power supply problems on arrival at Aishalton have been restricting our online access. The internet access should now be improved - power will always remain an issue, but hopefully one we can work round. Those who live life 'off-grid', relying on battery power and fairly low charging capabilities will understand!

This moon shot was originally supposed to be a clear view of the moon - but on an exposure of 20 minutes, some clouds drifted over the moon! At least it spread a little light over the rest of the sky. The church was lit with around 50 flashes from a remote flash - on a test fire setting.


  1. No, blue Sabbath.

    Without the clouds, I think the viewer's eye would have been drawn to the moon rather than the church, making it a very different picture. Personally I love it as it is.

  2. Blue sabbath, definitely. I'm not sure I've seen anything so blue in my life. The technical stuff is lost on me, but I love the idea of 50 flashes. What on earth did your neighbours think was going on?