Day Fifteen - Ferries on the Demerara

After a full day of doing various permit and licence things, the sun was going down and I'd still not been out with my camera... I grabbed it and headed for the town hall - a fine old wooden building which faces west and should catch the setting sun nicely (with the full moon behind maybe?). But I was too late, and the sun was too low; the building was in dull shadow. I headed for the Stabroek Market, which seems to be built entirely over the river, on wide old boards of thick, solid hardwood. The market was closing and the vendors were cleaning fish, meat and fruit from their stalls. It was really dark in there, but at one corner of the market the pathway is open, looking over the landing for passenger ferries running across the Demerara. I would have liked to wait a while and let the sun drop a bit lower - but loitering didn't seem a great plan, and on hindsight, I think the loss of foreground would have ruined the picture.

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  1. This is a wonderful picture, I have no idea of the technical stuff but it is very atmpospheric.