Day Eight - Bather and Jet Ski

Back to the harbour and market. A market trader was bathing in the river - not just cooling off, but having a full wash. I suspect that some of the traders sleep, eat, work and live at the market. At the same time a rich Brazilian is jetski-ing on the river. I have a particular hate for jetskis; such an extravagance; burning fuel for cheap thrills; polluting the waterfront with annoying noise; speed without skill or style. There may be someone, somewhere who uses one for transport, but they mainly seem to be a bit of a waste of time!

So, I liked the contrast; but I see that I'm in there too. The trader is sandwiched between the jetski, and a rich foreigner with an expensive camera. Still, he was the only one who was cool, clean and happy!

Sorry for the rant! I'm supposed to be sticking with the pictures; Sarah is doing the words! Check out

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