Day Sixteen - Shipwreck

Heavy rain all day! We headed over to the West Bank, crossing the Demerara floating bridge, to see a cycle race. But we missed the race - it was raining too hard to find anything - and carried on to the Essequibo River; the largest river in Guyana with a mouth 20km wide.

It was wild, wet and windy; incredibly difficult to keep the camera dry, even with a large umbrella. I really need to start wrapping the camera up on wet days!

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  1. Hi B
    Hadn't managed to see pics until now. But breathtaking combination of views. My favourite 2 are 1st and last so far! keep it up. To increase your options you could conceal the camera in a giant discarded fish head for added security.
    Best wishes Win
    P.S. Boatmans cabin fitting out/finishing continues.