Day Three Hundred and Eighty - Pontoon Crossing

An early evening crossing of the Rupununi at Dadanawa with the river high and running fast.

Once the jeep is on the pontoon it is pushed by one or two motor boats over the river. Today there was only one boat and the current was running fast. At full revs we were slowly losing ground and heading downstream. The only option was to head for the bank and one of the Dadanawa workers swim up river with a rope. After tying on to a tree we could then haul our way up the river to the small inlet where the jeep is unloaded.

The photo was taken before we crossed, as we are about to enter into the flow of the river.

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  1. looks like an oil drum raft to me! tricky business. A lot of your shots will provide a great document of the goings on in your area. this is one and serves a perpose. Win