Day Sixty Two - Hammocks

We returned to Aishalton in time for church centenary celebrations. People travelled from many villages, some on foot, some by bicycle, and some by tractor and cart. It was a full weekend of singing and dancing, the first 'hollering competition' I've ever seen, big communal meals, and the most efficient placing of hammocks!


  1. Hi B. Interesting shot, I think it is important to keep a variety in your daily post (So more insects please) Like the blured movement in the middle of the frame. like the strands in the hammocks and is there more to be made of an abstract pic of the ceiling? Is this the communal gathering place in the village? Win

  2. Hi Win - This is the community centre, about 50 meters from our house (when we finally get to move in!)... I did an abstract of the inside of a thatch (looking upwards to a circular roof) a few weeks back, but it didn't make PotD. I'll put it in the 'Runner Up' folder sometime - but I'm reserving the option to do it again when the rains are bad and I can't get out much!!!