Day Five Hundred and Four - Setting off to Masakanari

Today is the start of a long river journey to Masakanari, the remote Wai Wai village in the Deep South of Guyana. It's not a fast journey, taking between four days and three weeks, depending on river conditions, rapids, and blockages due to fallen trees.

To get to the river we travelled south from Aishalton to Parabara, through savannah, muddy holes, creeks and forest. At this stick up, Sandy de Freitas of Dadanawa Ranch has the right idea: sit in the vehicle, light up a cigarette, and wait for someone else to do the pushing!

Some alternative pictures are here in the runner up folder on Picasa.


  1. This is a nice capture of what might be everyday life there :-)

  2. Now this is the way I like my savannah fun, looking at pictures of it :) One of these days I will figure out how to attain the calm and serenity of the savannah dweller in the face of adversity (or maybe you just have to be born with it).