Day Four Hundred and Fifty Nine - Bedford in Mud

Stuck on the open savannah without a tree in sight to winch off. We passed this truck and stopped to help. After a lot of digging under the wheels of the jacked up Bedford we tied our hi-lux to another hi-lux and connected them to the Bedford winch to try and help it out. The Bedford did a great job of dragging the two jeeps backwards! Next we burried a big log in the sand (they called this 'a dead man', and the hole was a perfect shallow grave!) and winched from the Bedford, but the log dragged out. Finally another grave was dug, the log burried again, rocks put on top of it, planks on top of the log, and then a Hi-Lux was parked on the planks.

After 3 hours of jacking, digging and placing rocks the Bedford finally came out...


  1. Ah the joys of interior travel. I remember quite clearly my major contribution (holding a flashlight) in similar circumstances, a little after midnight somewhere between Yupukari and Karanambu with a Model M Bedford (like this one).

  2. I tried not to mention it, but two days before this I'd sprained my back (picking up a small bag from the back of the jeep), so my contribution to this one wasn't even as worthy as holding a torch!