Day Three Hundred and Twenty Two - Moonlit Rock Carvings

An experiment to be repeated! Sadly the carvings aren't quite so clear at the moment, and I need to get a better camera position - closer and higher with a wider lens. To achieve that I'm going to have to borrow a truck and put the camera on the roof, on a tripod - very Ansel Adams! Still, it was nice to sit out there for a couple of hours and watch the moon rise - which is what gives the light sky to the right of the picture.

And here is what it would look like if Picasa was any good!!!


  1. It's obviously taken a big effort to get this shot. Love it more when you know a little of the story behind the carvings and the photographic technique employed. Great Win

  2. I think your photos are amazing! That is one of my most favorite places on earth but I have not been there in many years. I do not see contact info so I hope this will get to the photographer. Would you have any detailed images of the petroglyphs for sale?


  3. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the compliment. When were you in the Deep South? Were you working here?

    The most detailed picture of the Aishalton petroglyphs I've taken so far is on Day 186 of the blog. You should be able to find it here, but also I try to put up higher resolution versions on DeviantArt - try Some of my pictures on there are for sale, and can be bought directly through DeviantArt. At some time I'm planning to set up a better website for my Guyanan pictures, but upload speeds from Aishalton are so slow it's a bit of a struggle!

    Meanwhile, once the rains stop I might try to get back to retake the star trail photo - but I'll need to find something to stand on to get a better angle!