Day Two Hundred and Eighty Nine - Linden Highway

The road from Georgetown to the interior of Guyana starts off pretty smooth, but it's still too much for some vehicles.


  1. This looks like it could have been a London Black Cab (which got very very lost) at one time.

    I'm rather puzzled by the jar of an unidentified substance sitting on the roof

  2. I thought exactly the same thing - about it looking like a London cab, and also about the strange jar on the roof. I was going to take it off to take the photo, and then I decided to leave undisturbed. I now think I should have removed it - or at least opened it to see what it might have inside!

  3. Hi B. I am back and will catch up gradually. probably. Well, without the items on the roof and the cleft in the bushes behind the car / cab leading us down the road this would be nothing but with them it is everything . great