Day One Hundred and Eighty Six - Rock Carvings

I cycled to the rock carvings for the rise of the full moon, but when I got there I found that the rock faces the wrong way to get the carvings and the moon in shot, and even worse, the area was full of rubish. Someone has driven there for a picnic and left empty drink cans and polystrene food containers. It's hard to believe, so far from the nearest fast food vendor, that this could happen. I guess it's the same with beauty spots the world over - people go to admire the scenery, and then do their little bit to destroy it.

The setting sun filtering across the carved rockface was a small consolation.

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  1. Interesting colours and textures. I seem to remember you said the school children take a trip to go over these drawings as if to preserve them I likethis idea. win